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START Merchant Services Selected

Authorize.Net’s #1 Preferred Reseller


February 2012, Dallas Texas:

Comparative Website Review Merchant (RMS) analyzes and compares the top merchant account providers that offer the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

START Merchant Services has been chosen the #1 Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller with a highest Four Star ranking and earning a positive 95% as “BEST of the BEST”, among those featured on the Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller Directory.

According to RMS:

“Best Overall Pricing: START Merchant Services
: One of the most straightforward merchant account providers on the Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller Directory. No termination penalties and low debit fees. Free PCI Compliance.


Review Merchant contacted all Preferred Authorize.Net Resellers several times asking a series of questions regarding pricing, service and technical expertise, culminating in a request for a proposal in writing. Here is how RMS explains their methodology:


We called every “Preferred Reseller” featured on the Authorize.Net Reseller Directory and asked for a detailed quote based on that profile. The results in many cases were shocking. One Reseller that we called 4 times and emailed 3 times never answered the phone or responded to email. Others answered every time and were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. A couple of Resellers bold faced lied to us time and time again. Some never sent us the proposals we asked for. A few were way too pushy, and a few too laid back.

Overall, we came to the conclusion that, like in every industry, there are many excellent Authorize.Net Resellers, and some not so excellent. recommends that you do your own research, contact as many Authorize.Net Preferred Resellers as you can and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Since you will probably be with your chosen merchant account provider for a very long time (especially since many of them lock you into long term contracts with high cancellation fees), it pays to take your time and DO THE MATH.

Always ask the following questions:

• What are your cancellation fees? No sense to get locked into a contract you can’t get out of, especially once the honeymoon is over and you realize that your merchant account provider lied to you about the cost of processing with them (all too often the case).

• What are your Debit Card rates, and what card classification do debit cards fall under (Qualified, Mid-Qual, Non-Qual)? Do you pass through the lower Visa/MasterCard Debit Card Rates mandated by the Durbin Amendment?

• What are your Credit Card rates (cards with no rewards points), and what card classification do credit cards (with no Rewards) fall under (Qualified, Mid-Qual, Non-Qual)?

• What are your Rewards Card rates, and what card classification do rewards cards fall under (Qualified, Mid-Qual, Non-Qual)?

• What are your Business Card rates, and what card classification do business cards fall under (Qualified, Mid-Qual, Non-Qual)?

• Do you include the 0.11% for Assessments in your quoted rates, or is this something I need to add to get an accurate accounting of what my final rate is going to be (we found several Authorize.Net resellers who shamelessly HIDE the extra .11%)? While 0.11% does not seem like much, when you take a quoted rate of 2.10% (for example) and add .11%, the true rate is really 2.21%.

  • Do you add an additional transaction fee for Address Verification (AVS)?
  • Do you charge an Annual Fee?

To read the Review Merchant entire START Merchant Services review, please click here.

We at START Merchant Services are extremely proud to earn the top rating and to be chosen “Best of the Best” Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller!

- START does not add an additional .11% on top of our quoted rates.

- START does not have a cancellation fee.

- START does not change an annual fee.

- START does not charge for Address Verification.

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