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START Merchant Services was founded on the principle that all merchants deserve to have their Merchant Account approved and up and running quickly and efficiently so they can launch their businesses.

Most START Merchant Services clients are approved and have their Authorize.Net gateway built within 1 business day.

The Management Team at START Merchant Services has been setting up Authorize.Net accounts for 15 years. That’s because since 1997, we’ve focused exclusively on approving tens of thousands of eCommerce Merchant Accounts featuring Authorize.Net. With the highest level of customer satisfaction and retention, why not trust START Merchant Services for your eCommerce credit card processing needs?
With START Merchant Services, you can expect:
·         No Termination Fees.
·         No Annual Fees.
·         No Address Verification Fees.
·         Most Merchant Accounts APPROVED within 2 hours.
·         Guaranteed lower overall processing cost.
·         Pass Through of lower Durbin Debit Card fees.
·         Unbeatable eCommerce experience.
·         Helpful, friendly, and honest customer support.

START Merchant Services