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Popular Merchant provides like Stripe and Paypal charge on average 2.9% per transaction with Which means your giving money away

START can save you hundreds of dollars on transactions fees. $20,000.00 total transactions @ 2.9% = $580.00 in Transactions fees

START $20,000.00 total transactions @ 2.46% = $492.00 in transaction fees 

STARTs savings of $88.00 per $20k in transactions

(**Based on real merchant, savings may vary based on industry)

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“We needed a provider that had our best interests in hand without simply filling their own back pockets. Start Merchant Services did a consultation with us to see how to best accept payments in our industry, educating us along the way with best practices and tools. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”


"When we initially engaged with START, we were a Startup, and never experienced the merchant service thing before. We got START on the phone and they were very thorough in answering our questions and educating us on the process and what to expect. We have been with them for over 5 years now and they continue to scale with our success."



"Shaun and his team understand what we needed as a small business owner. Being a small business owner himself, he understood the value in a solution that is economical along with well supported, which is exactly what we got in START!"


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